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The ABA-SZER METAL FURNITURE LTD one of Hungary's most prominent street furniture, garden furniture and köztéri- the production and marketing of the company. Our business was founded 18 years ago, experts with extensive experience and decades of professional experience. Municipalities, installers, retailers, investors and operators see in our products and services. Miskolc Abode and subtitling complete buildings, signage design, signs, public signs, stainless steel-cut letters and numbers and engraved, laminated boards, etc. We are prepared.


We are dedicated to street furniture, garden furniture and köztéri- manufacture and distribution of high quality, wide range of colors and varied forms is achieved. In addition to the types of products manufactured with unique ideas for our clients product design, manufacturing as well as site survey. Both the model and custom-designed pieces to the highest professional standards to prepare el.Törekvéseink is so focused on our customers' satisfaction. Public spaces and build trust with expertise, accuracy, sincerity.


We work for our customers. Our mission is to partner business success to contribute to. Our business is mainly in the construction industry, governments, sports facilities, hotel industry, office buildings, shops and department stores supplies of hot-rolled steel, cast iron, wrought iron and locksmith products and import / export and wholesale we operate. The trend of international trade in view of the new solutions we offer our partners for investment and modernization of existing business continuity. Every entrepreneur aims to be at the forefront, develop, prosper and fulfill its mission, goals and new dreams to realize more full. Our efforts serve this purpose.


High-quality products we distribute and manufacture, combining state of the art technological solutions and environmental awareness to help market stability and competitiveness of our customers. The professionalism and market monitoring combined with our effort and cooperation of reliability, speed, flexibility and satisfaction of all our partners. We offer a complete package of services, which can be relied on those who are doing business in this area / waiting for work and help their work. In addition to the production of the representation provided with the domestic foreign manufacturers as well. Delivery preferential tariff across the country.

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